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21st-Oct-2009 01:43 pm - TOKYO!
OMG I can't wait till tomorrow!!! I am going to Tokyo!! Specifically speaking, I will be staying in Nishi-Shinjuku. So everything I need is like very accessible ^_^ The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is like 3 blocks away so that will be where I will take cool panoramic pictures of the surrounding area =D

Anywho, this will be an awesome Birthday gift to myself lol I will be going to a Visual Rock festival and then the next day I will celebrate my B-Day in Harajuku and Shibuya! So cool!!!

The only not so cool part about this trip is the flight over and back XDD I am looking forward to some people watching,shopping and over course rocking out at the festival! LOL Pictures will defintely be coming~~
12th-Jun-2009 09:43 pm - keep forgetting 'bout LJ
Winter Cicada

Man I keep forgetting to post stuff here xD damn 42 weeks since my last post xDD pretty sad....

I dunno why I forget LJ since all I have is this and myspace. No facebook,xanga,twitter or whatever else is out there.

well I went Karaoke last weekend with soe friends!!! It was very fun. I sang songs from Every Little Thing, Amuro Namie, L'arc-en-ciel, and much more ^_^ After Karaoke we went to get some grub at an Izakaya.Mmmmm lol

and a few weeks ago I went to Disney California Adventure :D
Pics!!!Collapse )

15th-Aug-2008 10:09 pm - Snake, Kouhei, and Bikes o.O
Toshiya barcode
Wow I keep forgetting to update this with cool things that happens >_>;
Well I went to Anime Expo 7/4 and 7/5 for David Hayter ^__^
In case ya don't know him, he is the voice talent behind Metal Gear Solid's Snake!!~~  ♥
First day was insane! His panel line was huge and then his signing period was not enough for the uber long line! I think it was like a 3 hr line...but not even half of the ppl met him that day, so another day was given to meet him ^o^
Woke my ass up early 7/5 went to the stupid work saturday meeting >_> then got on the freeway for David Hayter.
Got there at like 9:am cuz the signing started at 11:am, so I though I would be like in between the 50s....no!
I was number 143! at freaking 3 hrs before the signing! So I chilled and talked to the Snake cosplayers next to me and shared CODEC ringtones XD After all the waitin I finally meet David Hayter!!! I was all shaking cuz I was nervous
and excited lol It was worth waiting all those hours for his hand shake and his autograph on my MGS2:Substance ^o^

Well the kinda most important thing that I encountered at AX saturday 7/5 was at the h.naoto booth (which was huge and a shitload of clothes ^_^) I was looking at the Angry and Hangry table when at the end of it , I see a staff guy showing boxes to some girls. There at the end was the Taeyang Horizon! ♥ ♥ OMG I told him to put it aside while I shop cuz he was coming home with me lol. So he did and I looked around some more and found a cool bag ^O^ I was so happy I got my Horizon!! 
I named him Kouhei (功平) ^o^ And now I love him! I wanted to get him so badly since I first saw his pre-order pics~ Well he now has 1 month being in my possesion and it's so cool! lol xDD 
Here are some pics of him on my photobucket

That same day I got Kouhei I went to the L.MC show at CRASH MANSION. They rocked! Now to be honest, I never really heard their music much. I have seen a few of their PVs and maybe heard one or two songs, but that is about it. well before the show I chilled and waited for doors to open and all. The line was pretty good. Not too long and not too short. The standing room was pretty small and there weren't so many people. the show started and everyone went crazy. I stood on the side where Aiji stood ^o^ I know him! lol xD he rocked the guitar and was just plain awesome. Maya was really interacting with the crowd and he was even worried about the fans in the front where the rail was. He said that everyone should move back since ppl where getting squished in the front. awww~~ so sweet ^_^ Overall an awesome and fun night with. Now I would post a set list but I dont really know the songs XD

Oh and X Games! I had fun the 2 days I went, 8/1 and 8/2. I only attented the Motocross events at the Home Depot Center cuz I like MX more ^__^v I saw cool freestyle mx, supercross,speed and style, and met the Metal Mulisha guys at the pits ^o^ ♥ ♥ That was the highlight! hehe I was sorta bummed out since I couldn't find Travis Pastrana at the pits T^T but I did get a very decent pic of him riding his bike during the speed and style ^__^ Fun days with alot of freebies, like a FOX tote bag, and fun days with sunburn >_>; 

other than these event there has been nuthing much. Actually there has....pre-order of Dir en grey's new album 'UROBOROS' that will be coming out Nov. 12, 2008!!! and upcoming event: Dir en grey NORTH AMERICA TOUR!!!! LA SHOW NOV. 29, 2008!!! OMFG!!!! I.......CAN'T...... WAIT!! yup yup hehe guess that's it lol 

The End・終わり
OMG the show rocked!! I loved it !!! Even though my neck kinda hurts from headbanging I Still love it!! Ok well lemme write out the happenings lol

2nd-Jun-2008 11:19 pm - Excited♪♪
Toshiya ♥♥
Oh yeah I cut my hair last Wednesday!! I Like it sooooo much!
It's way shorter than last the haircut :D
It's more thinned out and has shorter layers :D
This style is way better since it's easier to manage and 
better for those upcoming hot days lol xD

Also, tomorrow is Versailles' live!!! I'm so excited ~( ● ̄▽ ̄●)~
I barely have like 2 months listening to them, but I love them!
Yeah I'm a noob to Versailles xD so I may not know their lyrics by heart yet, but
I will learn :D this means I can't really sing along tomorrow xDD
It's cool though cuz I can still sorta sing along lol cuz I sorta know them lol
yay!!!! Review will be posted :D

The End・終わり
19th-May-2008 10:15 pm - fxxking people!

customers got on my fxxking nerves today!!!! >.< 

hard headed, can't understand what they read, and annoying!!!!!

dammit ppl just get it together and GTFO!

and then fxxking end of day deposit count was off! Stupid computer/system can't calculate right!

shitty ass night!!!!!

well not really lol I cam home and on my bed was my package for my D'espairsRay "BRILLIANT" single! Stupid customs had it for like 3 days -.- but I'm happy! I got my limited edition ver. and poster!!!~~~So this made my night :D
4th-May-2008 08:22 pm - Bumming around

I was gonna do a Motocross Championship report thing but I think I wont anymore lol I'm too lazy and have so much other crap to do lol 

This weekend was pretty cool :D I just chilling cuz I have no work!. It is rare when I get SAT and SUN off so might as well take advantage of chilling and relaxing ^__^ Well on SAT I had to get up at fucking 6:45am cuz there was a mandatory 7:30 meeting at work that is held every first SAT -.- I went in my pj pants lol and my D'Ray hoodie fuck dressing up in jeans and shit lol xDDD I wasn't the only one dressed like that so that was coolness. I got paid for that 1 hour so I shouldnt complain much ^___^ After I got home I went back to sleep lol xDDD woke up like at 11:00am ^_^v

Actually I went to Chinatown later on that day ^___^ Went around looking at the shops and had some bomb ass egg rolls ^_^ yum yum stuff lol I didn't want to eat Chinese lunch so I headed over to eat some Pupusas at like 11th and some ther street lol xDDDD that was some yum yum stuff too lol 

Today,SUN, I just did some laundry and relaxed in the den/backyard lol I am currently on my bed typing this out lol it is so comfy doing this on my bed ^_^ Might as well be comfy today cuz starting tomorrow I have to work and have a closing shift -.- then my next week off is FRI ::sigh:: 

Man I want to go to Knott's >.< My co-workers better come up with a day to go since we have been talking about for about a month already lol xDDD we have such great planning skills lol ^___^v 


15th-Apr-2008 11:35 pm - RTOC: Long Beach Arena 04/10/2008
Vincent Valentine
EDIT 5/4/08: Dammit! I dunno why this wasn't showing as public >.< I had written this ages ago and it was under private view -.- WTF?!?!?!?! This is what I get for not checking my LJ lol xDDD Well here my report for the TOC 3 weeks late lol

My Bro and I arrived at the Long Beach Arena (LBA) and there was a gang of people already! We had started to make a line in the 'normal' line, but then asked security where was the 'jump' line and left the long ass line xD There were 3 cool girls in front of us and we started a conversation with them while we waited. One girl was there for Atreyu and the other 2 were there for jrock :D It was cool cuz Rockstar people came out to distribute free Rockstar fruit punch flavor, and they got mobbed by fans. I never had a Rockstar before, but I'm gonna start drinking them more cuz they are good. :D Well it got to me fast xD I was really jumpy and was like, "we need to get in the venue!" I was ready to rock already xDD good thing doors opened early.

Before any bands played, someone at the rail asked the security if we could see the line up, and they did :D and that sheet of paper was passed around. I took a pic of it for use later on in the night so I wouldn't miss A7X play xDD

The Earnie's Battle of the Bands winner played first, and they were called Planes Crash from Riverside,CA. A very cool band ^__^ The singer,Josh, was very interactive with the audience and he did a lot of arm-muscle showing pose thing....u know like Popeye the sailor does xDDD I dunno how to explain it lol. Their music is really fun and catchy...a bit screamo though but there're still a cool band.  I really like their song "The United States of Dramatics"My bro and I liked them alot....he bought their CD :D Check them out at myspace.com/planescrashrock 

Then pushing started out of nowhere.....and there was no band on stage o.O lol

Some other band came out to play after Planes Crash and they're called Theory of Hate. Defintely didn't feel them. I couldn't understand the singer since they are a really,really heavy rock. I think I'm better with MOAB kyo xD yeah the guitars were cool but not the vocals. Maybe other ppl liked them, but not me. 

Once again pushing with no band, but this time it was cuz D'espairsRay was coming up ^o^



After D'ray came Idiot Pilot. I wasn't paying attention to them cuz MUCC was setting up at the main stage :D I saw YUKKE getting his bass ready and saw Satochi getting his drums ready. The Idiot Pilot singer caught a guy flicking him off I guess cuz he told the guy off. He didn't really cuz him out, but rather told him some gay sexual stuff. Later on in the song, the singer was like 'playing' with himself and looking at the dude who flicked them off. It was pretty funny lol That was prob. the only entertaining thing from this set lol


MUCC came out and they were awesome! Now, I haven't been following MUCC's music as much so I wasn't sure what songs were playing lol xDDD However, I do know that the songs they played rock!! I know for sure they played 666 INTRO,SHADAN,LIBRA, and FUZZ lol  

Tatsurou was really energetic and was moving all over the place ^__^ SatoCHI's drumming was too awesome. He was all into it. The guys really gave an awesome show and I rocked the fuck out with their set lol I was headbaning and jumping. The pit got really intese for their set, at one point I couldn't really breathe T^T but I was ok ^___^ Best part was when Yukke got his stand up bass to play FUZZ <3 He looks so cool playing it! It was fun singing the chorus part of FUZZ ^___^ I was really happy to see them play again. They might come back again since that is what Tatsurou said before they left the stage.

The Underneath!!

Right after MUCC my bro and I went to the left of where we were cuz it was fucking hot lol After we shifted to where the side stage was, we just waited for the Underneath to play :D These guys are so cool. I had already bought their CD before the show, so I was sorta familiar with their songs. I forgot what they played but I know they played Fat Fatty Fucking Pigs, Gekkou and I think they played Womb is Planet and Prayer not so sure though lol Taka was really into the songs giving his all the whole show ^___^ He was pumping the crowd up and all. I had fun watching them live and I was so hitting myself in the head for missing their show last year when they were still Transtic Nerve cuz they were awesome!!! lol Now for some pics....

As soon as the guys left the stage, my bro and I left the main hall. We were headed towards the Tokyopop thing and the restrooms lol xDDD

Tokyopop Booth signing and Merch


After the signing my bro and I said bye to our new buddies and went to buy some A7X shirts for my bro's friend. While buying the shirts we hear some annnouncer dude saying something lol and then hear ppl cheering and then Dear God started playing! You could see everyone rushing their asses to the doors lol xDDD We found out that the band wasn't on stage yet, and that they were filming a Music Video! You could see all these cameras all over the place and overhead. Then a countdown started on the screens.......



Overall a kick ass day full of rock!!! I had an awesome time just headbanging and I am still kinda sore from it lol xD 


15th-Apr-2008 01:21 am - Long time!

man it's been forever since I update this....since Oct of 2007!!! o.o

i'm cool....just working and chilling :D

As far as lives, I went to the Anti feminism show @ the Los Angeles Knitting Factory on Dec.'07. that was fucking awesome! I really want to see them again ^o^

and I just went to the Rockstar Taste of Chaos last Thursday (04/10/2008) at the Long Beach Arena. It was insane!!! I loved it! A7X was so awesome! They played some kick ass songs ^___^ Anywho, I will be doing a much detailed live report with pics and vids within the next 2 days or so :D I could've done it sooner but work and other events really aren't letting me do so TT___TT

The other event is the Navy Motocross World Championships at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego 2 days ago (04/13/2008) It was fun and awesome. I got to meet Carey Hart!!! so tat made my day!! pics and report to come soon as well.


30th-Oct-2007 10:00 am - New car, haircut and PSP!


Okies my B-day was last Thurs. 10/25 and all was coolness. I had dinner with my fam. 

My  friend bought me a ticket as a b-day gift  to go to Universal Studios Hollywood: Halloween Horror Nights for Sun. 10/28.

It was awesome minus the fact that we got into 2 mazes only and the tram/studio lot thing. There was so many people! Just the secucrity checkpoint(S.C.) alone was a 2 hours wait!  We started the S.C. at 7:15 and didn't get in the park till like 9:10 >.<  Then the lines for the mazes and tram was like 1-2hour wait. -.- The park closed at 1:30am but we left at 2:15-ish cuz the line for Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze was huuuuuuuuuuge. We were in line like at 12:00 and got in at 2:00am-ish......This was the last maze we got into, and behind us were like 250+ ppl still 606waiting. They were still able to get in the maze, but I bet they left the part like at 3:00am. Despite the long waits, I had my scares which I was so anxious about lol xD All that waiting made me want to get scared ASAP LOL

Oh yeah, I also got a new car ^__^ I traded my GMC Yukon for a Chevy Corvette <33 It's blue with white racing stripes <33 I traded it with my sister's Godfather. He needed a SUV to put in his power tool and other stuff for his workshop. Well I am so happy! I always wanted a Corvette. Whenever I used to see one in the street I would always say, " I want one!" and just say how cool they are ^o^

I got a haircut!!!! I just got it yesterday (Mon. 10/29) I like it alot ^0^ I went to Taka Hair Salon in West LA/Santa Monica. Chika did an awesome job. She got the layers right and the length I wanted right as well. She even thinned my hair cuz she said it was alot xD I couldn't agree more lol I finally have a haircut that I am satisfied with ^_^v 

My FFVII Crisis Core PSP came in from Japan yesterday!! I ordered it online on Thursday and go it yesterday.....that is some awesome fast shipping. 新しいPSPが好きです!!より多くのゲームを買う必要があります(笑)I love it cuz it's so light! It's the Lite and Slim PSP-2000Zs :D and it came with the earphones <33 I've played a little bit of the game and so it's good. The whole game is in Japanese, but I know enough Japanese to help understand at least a little lol xDD 

But now I must go! lol I need to get ready for work >.>

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